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Our first visit with a client will determine needs and expectations. Together the list of items to check will be agreed on, this could be electrical panels, MCC’s or transformers. It could be a groups or selection of motors or mechanical equipment, it could also be for a building assessment. Lack of insulation in specific areas, tracing of water infiltration or air infiltration or moisture on wall surfaces.

Together we decide how the inspection will take place, your site specifics for health and safety and review of the possible challenges the inspection may be confronted with. We may need scaffolding, boom lift or roof access depending on the work to be done.

Once all details have been addressed, a date and time can be scheduled for the inspection to occur.

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Electrical Inspection

Our electrical inspections follow a methodology put in place with the client. All inspections are done during normal business working hours so we are inspecting while systems are loaded which is the proper way of conducting these inspections. If the loads are at their lowest we will not have the proper ampacity levels that are needed for a good inspection.

If anomalies exist, they will be most visible when the systems are under load. The equipment is scanned on line, no equipment is shut off which means no downtime for your building and occupants.

If the equipment is “high voltage” above 600V we would strongly suggest that viewing IR windows be installed during a planned systems shut down. Viewing windows will provide safety to the technician doing the IR scan where the components can be seen thru these windows and scanned with no panel removals. We can assist in the selection and installation of these widows.

Note that we are licensed electricians and contractors with master electrician certification.

Inspections are done following established industry standards by agencies such as CSA and NETA.

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Building Inspection

Exterior wall envelopes are usually scanned from the exterior of the building. We would concentrate on areas established by the client and provide images of specific section as requested.

Building infrared inspections can provide details of air infiltration / exfiltration, lack of insulation and moisture signature on wall surfaces.

We can also assist in the commissioning of a building while at different stages of construction. This could help in locating areas where the building contractor may have missed components, be it caulking, insulation or finding a broken seal of a window. This could easily corrected while still under construction and before the occupancy of the site.

Thermo-View scans with the IR imagers to help to locate underfloor or buried under surface heat tracing cable. These lines can be electric or liquid. Locating these cables if you need to drill the surface is paramount so the cables are not damaged.

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Infrared windows

Thermo-View offers you consultation services, as well as the infrared windows installation for your main electric boxes. Those installations minimizes the need to open your electric box during an infrared inspection. This makes an IR inspection much less risky for service technicians and electricians.

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