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Thermography is the best non-destructive inspection technology!

Thermo-View is an Ottawa based business operating since 2008. We provide consultation services as well as infrared thermographic inspections. Preventive inspections for your electrical & mechanical equipment as well as building inspections is recommended by insurance companies and building management and, is an excellent way to save time and money.

Infrared inspections captures surface temperatures at a distance, these values are used to diagnose the condition of the component being scanned. Inspections of different mediums can be done such as, electrical, mechanical and building. We can detect high temperature in electrical and mechanical equipment, wet or damp surfaces in building envelopes even scientific applications are possible.

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Our first meeting with the client will be to determine your requirements prior to the inspection and you’re expectations of our findings once the inspection is completed.

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Thermo-View provides infrared inspections in commercial, industrial and institutional industries. We also offer our services to the residential sector. Other services are to provide electrical energy recordings and Ultrasonic Airborne detection inspection.

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  • Flir T-640
  • Fluke 435II
  • Flir MR77
  • Flir T-400
  • Ultraprobe 3000
  • Flir IR Window
  • Flir CM55
  • Flir CM83
  • Fluke 1735