Our first contact would be to establish your needs and requirements based on equipment or structure you are concerned with. This could be an electrical issue for one or one hundred electrical panels or switches

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Thermo-View offers infrared inspection services for residential and commercial buildings - Electrical circuits analysis with recording equipment - Air pressurized equipment inspection and leak detection.

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Thermo-View Inc. can assist in your power monitoring requirements. As preventive maintenance (pdm) provider, Thermo-View has made the acquisition of a “ Power Logger”. This recorder gives us the ability to analyze the condition of electrical circuits.

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Thermography is the best way to inspect!

Thermo-View is an Ottawa-based company with several years of infrared thermography consulting and inspection. The preventive analysis of your equipments and buildings using infrared imaging is recommended by several insurance companies and is a great way to save time and money.

Infrared thermography measures a target's temperature without touching it, using a camera, and can find problems in power systems, thermal leaks, locate moisture or mold in the walls, and offers a wide range of applications in various scientific fields.

Flir T-400 & EX320

Cameras that Thermo-View utilizes for their inspections are manufactured from the world renowned company, FLIR. Thermo-View owns 2 different cameras. Models EX320 and T400. Both cameras provide the same pixel resolution 320x240.

Our EX320 camera has a 45dg wide angle lens. This feature enables us to take a full structural wall and transfer it on a single image.

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Building Inspection

Our technicians will go through all the rooms of your building to inspect depending on what information you require.

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